Professionally, We're your best kept secret

As Private Personal Assistants supporting you and your family, we work with you & not for you. Being on your side, making suggestions, using our initiative & judgement to help you succeed & flourish in your world.

We alleviate that ‘noise’ that you carry around with you, all those things that keep you awake at night;

  • you still haven’t rang the decorator
  • you know you need to go back to your girlfriends with dates…but you haven’t got around to it…
  • the lease on the car runs out soon
  • your daughter turns 21 and you haven’t even started anything…

We both know there is more!

We organise. We become your confidante. We are your #walkingpostitnote and your own #onlinemarypoppins 

As your Personal PA, we focus on what matters most, YOU.

We schedule time for YOU as a human. Not as a business owner or a mother. 

You LOVE what you do and that’s amazing – thankfully, we do too. 

Please STOP doing it all alone. 

We would love to hear from you.

Welcome to Poppins PA

Poppins PA brings the Mary Poppins concept into the modern day.

We are there for you as your right-hand ‘wing’ woman to live the life you deserve.

Here’s a short video from the founder, Abigail Langridge.

Have more time for yourself

Do you travel a lot? Tired of juggling family life with managing household staff, organising events, researching & booking holidays AND keeping on top of your personal admin, as well as having some kind of personal life?

We work holistically for you, as a human being. Ensuring there is time scheduled for you, as well as with your family.

Poppins PA offers support without the intrusion of being at your home / office as we work remotely, with house visits pre-arranged, if necessary.

“Abi is a fab communicator, responds in a timely manner & keeps people in the loop to ensure expectations are met! Abi does this with a friendly & positive approach!”

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By the end of the week would you like to feel calmer?

Would you like some clarity & time back in your life?

Imagine an evening all pre-arranged at your favourite restaurant with your partner, childcare arranged & their most desired birthday gift.

And you weren’t part of any of it, you just turn up.

Poppins PA strives to help you live life seamlessly.