I always wanted my own business but could never work out what in?! (Turns out it was staring me in the face!)

Fifteen years as a Legal PA & I felt like my life was going nowhere.

I wasn’t happy in the corporate bubble so after having my third child a switch had flicked. Someone or something had turned some lights on!

So that was it!

The planning & research began & I kept taking action, no matter how small.

I took the parts of all of my previous roles that I loved & created what you see today.

Being a PA for me isn’t all about the work, that’s a very small part. I like to find out WHY my clients do what they do, are they happy? Where do they want their career to go? How can I support them personally? I can then tailor my support accordingly.

Building Poppins PA has been, & still is, a long time coming & it’s only now that I appreciate all my previous roles. Now I can deliver everything I know you need to support you, to live your life seamlessly.

a little more about me

The about page of this site is very much the professional me but I want to share a little more of the personal me with you, or the ‘real’ me.

From a young age, I danced and danced. I did a solo at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Haymarket in November 1999 with Cheryl Baker as the host for a charity show. No media footage of this event, I’m afraid!

Aside from being a PA and running my business, I adore being an extra, I have been in a Morrison’s advert alongside Denise van Outen – I picked up an onion! The Rice & Stew music video too, and, yes, the children are mine!

Australia has been a pipe dream for many years, so I hope you enjoy the show (it’s a 50-minute watch, so get comfortable!), and the various other articles along with the podcasts highlight my love for what I do in various forms.

I hope you enjoy them!


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