Could you do with a Mary Poppins in your life?

We all love Mary Poppins & can’t deny would love to have someone in our lives that picks up the ‘Could you just…. oh and can you order this…..and that needs organising too please.’

I arrange the home life of high-profile women, like my ideal client, Winnifred.

Winnifred takes another call on a Friday evening, just when she had hoped to have left the W.I as she had been looking forward to getting home to spend the evening with her family.

It’s coming on for 7pm & she realises that she didn’t have a chance to arrange that booking at the restaurant that she promised she would organise. She hasn’t spent an evening with Mr Banks for what seems like months!

This isn’t the first time that her home life has suffered as she is so incredibly busy at the W.I.

Winnifred loves what she does & has a wonderful, thriving career. One that she has worked very hard to achieve.

She has a husband, Mr Banks (who also has a demanding career) & children, Jane & Michael & she finds herself chasing her tail rather than spending quality time with her family. Winnifred has great intentions that she will book days out in advance, holidays, trips away to visit relatives & errands that forever seem to be on her ‘to do list’, but she never gets around to achieve them!

And let’s not even think about children’s parties as she knows that it’s Michael’s 7th birthday soon. When will she arrange that?

It’s never ending. Monday arrives. Again.

Like Winnifred, I love what I do.

Just think, that call she had on Friday evening at 7pm. She could have taken that on her way to the restaurant.

The weekend could all be organised, ahead of time. Oh, & of course Michael’s birthday party! Sorted.

Various clients have given me the name #onlinemarypoppins (of which I quite like!) as they use me as a walking post it note…they send me random texts with various instructions on, email requests & literally brain dump late at night into my inbox.

Very little interaction is needed!

They get the reassurance that whilst they get on with their day, all those ‘things’ that were once clouding their head, are now being dealt with.

I work remotely so no need to worry about anyone turning up at your house, everything just happens, seamlessly, like magic. Even if you live internationally.

Message me & let’s get that spoonful of sugar back into your life 🙂

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