So you know you need support but you don’t know in what capacity or how on earth it would work. 
Do not fret. 

LEt me tell you How it works


I would ask you to get it ALL out. Do a braindump! Don’t worry, it isn’t painful. I have a free guide to help you if you haven’t ever let all that noise out that lingers between your ears before. In essence, it is, without too much thought, writing down everything that is In your head. Deadlines. The cat’s next vet appt. Your brother’s children’s gift ideas. The pursuit you would love to pursue, but when? When you need to have that presentation ready for. The children have been begging to go to Harry Potter world. The decorator you keep forgetting to call back. Your best friend still needs a date for dinner and your partner’s parents haven’t been round for yonks…..yes all that stuff! Get it down.  It doesn’t need to make sense. Just write it as it comes. It is a little like journaling. 

2. book a call

We would then have a call, a chat, nothing formal and go through your braindump. Don’t worry there is zero judgement from me, I have 3 of my own children, plus a husband, a golden retriever – a life so believe me, you won’t shock me, lol!  As I have been a PA for some years now, must be 20 by now, I can tell what kind of support you will need and for how long, to start with, from our call where we go through your braindump. My team are willing to lead and guide you so you also don’t need to worry about always having stuff to give them, they will gently ‘poke / nudge’ you until momentum begins to take over. 

3. I match you to one of my team

I then ‘match’ (**is that the right word?**) you to one of my team.  We all have a call, I am on the call for a mere 5 minutes to introduce you to your PA.  You won't need to go over anything that you have told me as I would have fully briefed your PA.  Your PA can take things from you there and then. 

4. Your PA will shadow you

Quite often, once you get chatting and as your PA knows what things will need tending to, she will suggest a couple of things to get started.  Your PA would then shadow you. By this I mean; once we gain access to your calendar, we spend some time looking how meetings are currently booked I.e. are they back to back / who are they with / are you including travel time etc.  You shouldn’t notice this period when we ‘get to know you’.  Over time, you will start to notice you relying on your PA as the reminders she sends, the nudges for information are becoming invaluable to you living your life now. 

5. check in

After a fortnight, I check in with you to see how you are feeling both about working with your new PA and how you are finding the whole process.  You will be surprised how quickly momentum builds and after a few months, you will wonder how you coped ‘before’ having a Poppins PA!