Just Keep Going!

“Does it sometimes feel like everything is going wrong…

Everything feels uphill…

And everything you touch turns into a disaster

It happens to all of us, but I suppose that only the brave admit it! We all have those days…maybe weeks where everything feels overwhelming and it feels like the hits just keep on coming!

So, how do we deal with these periods in our lives?

For me there are a few simple things that help me cope with those moments

  • Being kind to myself – knowing that I am trying my best and that things will improve
  • Asking for feedback and working on corrective steps
  • Getting help if I feel overwhelmed
  • Stepping away, taking a break, changing the channel….sometimes that is the most productive thing you can do
  • Finding ways to reduce the associated stress and negative thoughts that creep in during a losing streak (for me it’s a good run obviously LOL)
  • Being disciplined and remembering why I started in the first place
  • Harnessing my grit – remembering that this too shall pass (possibly like a kidney stone…but it will pass) 😊
  • Honest conversations and sturdy boundaries

It also helps to focus on your past wins, your future goals and the things that you are grateful for. This will help you maintain a more level outlook and prevent the dreaded imposter syndrome from kicking in.

So if you are going through a rough patch right now, remember that nothing in this life is permanent and if you need support please get in touch.

As you know I write these emails and I love to hear from you all, so hit reply and let me know what you do during these periods when you feel challenged from all sides. I would love to share your tips with our larger online community because I know that it may be just the nugget of gold that someone else needs right now. Sharing is caring!

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