Recharging for success!

We all need a bit more energy at the moment, our minds and bodies are responding to an extended period of chronic stress which is causing many of us to be less creative, less able to make decisions or set goals, more susceptible to fatigue and more scatter-brained than usual. A body that finds itself in fight or flight mode, is biologically unable to achieve its higher purpose and full potential.

So, what can we do to give ourselves a boost right now?

  • What about an early morning swim?
  • A walk through your local park as the sun goes down?
  • Frisbee after school with the kids? 
  • Cuppa in the garden with lunch?
  • Walk to your local shops to get your favourite magazine?
  • A nap?
  • A bit of mindless TV?

What can you weave into the week to make you smile and look forward to it as a whole? What happy milestones can you integrate into your planning? These small things can help you get your head down and achieve results. It can’t all be about work. Have something to look forward to, it will give you momentum.

Also, cultivating a reset button (an activity that doesn’t cost money but gives you some joy) can greatly enhance your resilience and be a good counter-balance to burnout and stress.

The key is not to just think about these activities, but schedule them! If we don’t, they simply won’t happen and they are needed right now. Not as a luxury but as a much needed tool to ensure that we are operating optimally.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t feel guilty about it! As this will strip all the benefits from the activity.

Time for you does not have to be hours or a full-on day trip…

Start small, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes 💫

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