Trust Your Gut

Let’s talk about trusting your gut.

It doesn’t matter what you call it or how you define it. Your gut, instinct, intuition, or internal guidance system. We have all (at some stage) ignored that little voice and often it comes with consequences.

This little voice is based on your combined experiences, education and assimilated lessons from your wins and losses. A pretty good source of guidance don’t you think?

So why do we ignore our own inner wisdom?
– Sometimes it’s our own lack of self-belief
– You have been convinced by someone else that your inner wisdom isn’t valid
– You may be so overwhelmed and stressed that the voice has become small

Encourage yourself to listen…
• What do you want from your life?
• What situations or people do you need to get some distance from?
• What is not serving you anymore?
• What makes your heart sing?
• What do you need to make space for?
• How can you release the need to do it all, have it all, be it all…

Take a little bit of time to return to centre. Make the time to tune into your inner GPS.

Hatch that new plan, set a new goal, define the life you want and take at least one concrete action, to get you closer to it.

And remember if you need support, Poppins PA is here to help.

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