Who is your Cheerleader?

  We all start somewhere, and for me when I first started out as a Virtual Assistant, I picked up a task working as an associate for another more established Virtual Assistant. We are still in touch today and only last week, we were laughing at how much time had gone by since I worked with her. I am so grateful to her for giving me the chance to work with her. But what did I do? A client of

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Abigail Langridge Poppins PA

Meet Abigail Langridge

So Who am I? I’m a girl with a dream….cliche, ‘tis true! I remember as clear as day, sitting at my desk in my office near Liverpool street, longing for there to be more than where I was sat right then. Everything was white. The walls, the desks, nothing had any character. It was soulless or maybe that’s how I felt after having my third child. I had always worked part time since having children as my husband worked shifts

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